LabVIEW and TestStand

AIT helps its customers...

  • turn napkin sketches into reality.
  • develop integrated testing solutions.
  • determine testing requirements.
  • migrate from R&D and test code to production and customer quality code.
  • lead/assist its engineers in development efforts.



AIT helps its customers...

  • specify proper hardware for testing services.
  • build complete test stations.
  • design custom hardware for their testing needs.


Total Solutions

AIT provides its customers turnkey solutions for their testing needs.  AIT can assist with test requirements, then develop those requirements into a hardware and software system.  AIT can provide onsite installation and setup, verification and validation services, and continued support.


How can we help?

Whether you need some extra help, or need the total solution, AIT can help.  AIT solutions have tested dirt, wood, soda, radios, and Class II medical devices, among others.  We can provide R&D support, QA support, and manufacturing support.  AIT is dedicated to making your project succeed.


Let us help you

Please contact us and tell us about your opportunity.